Created 04/03/15 6:06 PM MT
There are many conflicting definitions of libertarianism . In this context, I will be discussing the interpretation of Right-Libertarianism and the Libertarian Party, which advocate the Non-Aggression Principle, Minarchism, Non-Interventionism, Constitutionalism, and Classical and Cultural Liberalism. Basically, we want the government to be small and the people to be free.

There is a distinct delineation between Libertarianism and Anarchism. Libertarianism demands small, accountable government in accordance with the Constitution. Anarchism demands no government. It’s important to keep that distinction in mind.

To understand the idea of the Federal Government, one must first understand the principles upon which it was created[...]

Natural Law

Created 04/03/15 5:42 PM MT
Natural Law is a system by which law is determined by nature. We use it to analyze ourselves and take morals and ethics from the very basis of human nature itself. The United States being founded on this concept, it is imperative that we understand it and its implications. First, I must show that the USA was indeed founded on this concept; then I can demonstrate what this means to us.

The Organic Law of 2007 cites the Declaration of Independence as official law, as there were some who disputed its lawfulness, being enacted prior to the Constitution and thus the Congress as it exist today; and to include it within the United States Code, adopted in 1926.

Analyze the wording of the Declaration of Independence, and the subsequent C[...]


Created 04/03/15 12:52 PM MT
There was a dream that was the United States of America, in which people would be free to determine their own path through life, their own needs and wants, and indeed, their own destiny. In this dream, individual liberty would be the basic moral principle of society, and law would be designed only to guarantee the people as much freedom as possible.

Human nature cannot fundamentally change. By instinct, we are greedy, self-righteous creatures who will look out for our own self-interest above all other priorities. Our founders understood that, and designed a government that would use our own nature to the advantage of the people. This government would be constitutionally limited in its power and scope, and its sole purpose would be to secure t[...]

How Education Should Work

Created 04/01/15 8:39 PM MT
I have put together some ideas on how a truly effective education system might work. First, we need to throw out the entire system and start over. Eliminate the K-12 grade system. Eliminate ABCDF, ABCI, Advanced / Proficient / Satisfactory, and whatever other grading systems are in use.

There’s no reason why the states and local communities can’t run their own systems. There’s no reason why education must be public to begin with. The suggestion here is merely a concept for how an effective system might run, if we actually needed such a system in the first place.


The concept of education can be broken into its component parts. We know that children generally need to be instructed in specific areas, such[...]

Rust 5.0.0b14

Created 11/24/14 2:43 PM MT
Currently does not seem to run at all on the dev/latest beta branch. Client window opens, shows "Running self check", and closes in about half a second.

Tried it on the dev/debug beta branch. Huge pic of a teddy bear, says "Game file missing", "Verify game installation". Behind the pic it says "Bootstrapping". Then it closes after about a second or two.

  • sandstorm textures / sounds / script / prefab
  • Organized the monument assets in a somewhat future-proof fashion
  • Added DisableMaterialImport asset processor
  • Fixed my scale issue, it was my error from this morning. Pivot error was throwing the scale out ingame
  • Lighthouse fixing, scale and uv issues still to fix.
  • Update[...]

Rust win / 1159 / 0dev / 11/21/14 build

Created 11/22/14 9:55 PM MT
  • Crafting items gets stuck for a few minutes most of the time. Eventually it does end up in your inventory and allows you to move on.
  • Locking a code lock while the door is open causes the lock to get stuck in midair when you close the door. It also blocks you physically (why does a code lock even have a collider?). To fix, unlock the lock and close the door, then relock it.
  • Framerates have intermittent drops, but seem to be generally acceptable. I've been getting 20-30 FPS, which I consider passable for a Unity 5 game.
  • Other people seem to jump around the map a lot.
  • Sometimes trees disappear until you relog. Other times trees appear then they aren't really there until you relog.
  • Everything seems to cook slowe[...]

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